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Our Delicious Story- Best Sweet Shops in Hyderabad

Pothgaal, Best Sweet Shops in Hyderabad in which we are  specialised with traditional & heritage foods, made in Health manner. We guarantee you the feast of your taste buds with our health foods.

At Pothgaal, we understand the necessity for providing healthy and nutritious products.
All Pothgaal products are made fresh everyday in an extremely clean and well-maintained standards. Order Today  from our Pothgaal the Best Sweet Shops in Hyderabad  Read more.

Featured Delicious-

Best Sweet Shops in Hyderabad and Fresh From Pothgaal

Bombay Halwa

Ingredients : Sugar, Corn Flour, Kaju, Pista, Ghee.


Ingredients : Khova,Sugar – Keep in cool and dry place

Anjeer king

Ingredients: Figs, Ghee, Sugar, Dry nuts, Silver varak.


Ingredients: urad dal , sugar and ghee


Ingredients: Ghee, Besan, Sugar, Elachi, Melon, Kaju

Badam delight

Ingredients: Sugar, Almond, Nature Identical Flavouring.


Ingredients : Powdered jaggery, Heavy gluten rice.

Besan Laddu

Ingredients: chickpea flour, ghee and sugar

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The best place to enjoy sweets. Pothgaal Sweets which goes well with everything. May god bless you with happiness, success and prosperity on this festival time.

"This place has a great variety of traditional Indian sweets with high quality"
- Rajeev
"These sweets were beautifully handcrafted with so much detail, and the taste was simple heavenly."
- Radhika
"Pothgaal sweets are great and authentic"
- Manik
"This place gets my full stamp of approval for taste and authenticity."
- Preethi
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